25th Anniversary MELOGUITARS: Blackguard

25th Anniversary MELOGUITARS: Blackguard

Throughout the twenty-five years of my work as a guitar maker I have received, on several occasions, the proposal to build guitars which were copies of other manufacturers’ models. I have always turned these requests down and advised those that asked me that it was better to own the original instruments.

To mark the twenty-fifth anniversary, I have reconsidered this issue and I have decided that, for the first time, without precedent and to celebrate this event, I will build a limited series of ten Blackguard Telecaster® and four prototypes.

The reason behind this decision is, firstly, my own devotion to this instrument, the first industrially-built electric guitar and my admiration for its creator, Clarence Leo Fender. The tonal quality of some of the examples form this period is legendary as well as its magnificent design. Moreover, I was born in 1952, at the height of its production, which runs from 1950 to 1954 with regard to the Blackguard model.

So, I have insisted in asking Tadeo Gomez, over several months, for his workshop apron to instill his knowledge and spirit of the time in me, to build for you, with the utmost rigor and musical success, these mythical Blackguard.

Telecaster® is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments corp. MELOGUITARS© is not afiliated with any of the above companies in any way.

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